is a worldwide Search Portal which fetches information mainly for the people of Kerala, commonly known as Malayalees.
We provides a variety of choices to the enthusiastic searchers all over the world. We basically concentrate on the information and details from 'Kerala',
but in fact we have added certain results from places out of Kerala and even from abroad. Just because, Mallus lives everywhere and every nook and corner of the world. Fetcheez is a public Search Portal, powered by fetcheez. The Team of IT Innovations! Located at Calicut, Kerala.
Our portal consists of seven different fields such as Address, Buy & Sale, Events, Lost & Found, Movies, Real Estate and Site Finder.
We offer Paid & Free services for the registration.
All these fields differ from each other and contains several Categories & Subcategories,
any of which definitely meets your complete requirements. It takes the searchers to an amazing search experience.
We are in research for the better changes and will definitely make you feel wonderful within a very-short time span. Let's be sure that Fetcheez can be your best search partner and we admire any of your Feedbacks and Suggestions. Hope you enjoy with us! Visit out blog Fetcheez Blog.
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